Nº 34 - Perfume for the fabrics

We are pleased to present to you our new line of fabric fragrances, available in spray or scented card format: refined products that are ideal to perfume your clothes!

With the new fabric spray, you can give your fabrics the freshness of old-fashioned clothes and the sophistication of luxury hotel laundry service. A delicate feeling of freshness and cleanliness for your cloths.

They do not contain dyes and do not stain, and the perfume concentration is such that it does not interfere with body perfume.

Spray the product directly onto clean clothes before putting them in the wardrobe or before wearing them; our fabric sprays can also be used to scent curtains and sofas.

The new Linen in Spring fragrance opens with the fresh and lively notes of Orange and Bergamot; the heart is a wonderful floral bouquet of Rose, Magnolia, white flowers and Iris; and at the base, sweet vanilla and warm woods intertwine with White Musk to give softness and fluffiness.

An enchanting fragrance capable of bewitching the senses and leaving a radiant trail of perfume.

Written by Adele

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