Salimbeni Ancient Wood 250 ml + Scented Candle Salimbeni Ancient Wood in FREE TRIAL

€38,00 €76,00

Take advantage of our Trial Offer now. Give an exclusive gift to the one you love: by purchasing a 250 ml Salimbeni Ancient Wood Stick Diffuser you will receive the new Salimbeni Ancient Wood Scented Candle as a free trial.

New Salimbeni Scented Candle Line: the sublimation of the olfactory experience in a blend of waxes of the highest quality and creaminess.
Our Masters have perfected a magical blend of waxes and vegetable oils, reformulating the fragrances to best suit the creaminess of the blend and a wick with the best burning quality, all in order to give you a fantastic olfactory experience. The creamy wax maximises the diffusion of Salimbeni fragrances.

Salimbeni Ancient Wood: Neroli and juicy fruity notes flare up in the flower heart of jasmine, lemon blossom, and petitgrain. The fragrance is composed of the accords of sumptuous Precious Woods emphasized by mellow amber accents and oriental vanilla scents.

DURATION: The Salimbeni scented candle weighs about 190 gr and has a burn time of about 35 hours.

Package Contents:
- 1 250 ml Salimbeni Ancient Wood Stick Diffuser
- 1 FREE Scented Candle Salimbeni Ancient Wood

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