Aromatic Herbs 250gr Candle + Riviera Flowers 250gr Candle FOR FREE

€32,00 €64,00

Take advantage of our Spring Offers. Make an exclusive gift to someone you love by purchasing an Aromatic Herbs 250gr Candle and you will receive another Riviera Flowers 250gr Candle for free.

The Scented Candle creates an atmosphere and diffuses a pleasant scent. Salimbeni has chosen to use only wax of vegetable origin and not paraffin which is a derivative of petroleum refining. The wick is pure cotton. When burned, the wax of vegetable origin does not produce smoke or potentially harmful substances. It releases non-fossil CO2 into the atmosphere, respecting the environment.

DURATION: The Salimbeni scented candle weighs about 250 g. and has a burn time of about 35 hours.

Inside the package you will find:
- 1 Aromatic Herbs 250gr Candle
- 1 Riviera Flowers 250gr Candle FOR FREE 

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