Figue (Stick Diffuser 100 ml + Scented Candle 190 gr + Gift Box)


A gift dedicated to those you love. From today, thanks to the new Premium Packs, giving Salimbeni Profumi as a gift will be even more prestigious.

Inside the package you will receive at home, you will find everything you need to prepare a beautiful gift box:

  • A 100 ml Stick Diffuser of Figue
  • A Figue Scented Candle 190 gr
  • A rigid cardboard box with a glossy silver print.
  • Three tissue papers with the Salimbeni Profumi logo to protect the products inside the pack.
  • A fabric ribbon with the Salimbeni Profumi logo that you will need to wrap the package

Figue: A delicately greedy and fruity composition. A tribute to the fleshiness of the Elba fig that explodes in the summer, giving off an inviting sugary scent. The strawberry leaves, give the fragrance a touch of green. Tonka Bean, Cedar Wood, and White Musk give persistence and voluptuousness.

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