Scented Candle 190 gr + Stick Diffuser 100 ml FRAGRANCE OF YOUR CHOICE

€38,00 €67,00

Take advantage of our Products on Trial Offer this Month now. By buying the Scented Candle 190 gr of your favourite fragrance, you will get as a free trial the 100 ml Stick Diffuser of your previous choice.

Inside the package you will find:

- 1 100 ml Stick Diffuser
- 1 190 gr Scented Candle
Both in the fragrance of your choice!

100 ml Stick Diffuser: A high quality and intelligent product: without electricity or combustion, it diffuses the fragrance in the environment for months. Salimbeni Perfume uses the right amount of fragrance that allows an ideal diffusion. They contain no dyes and the sticks are natural.

USE: suitable for small environments such as offices and bathrooms.
DURATION: depending on temperature and humidity conditions, about 1.5/2 months

New Scented Candles: The sublimation of the olfactory experience in a blend of waxes of the highest quality and creaminess. Our Masters have perfected a magical blend of waxes and vegetable oils, reformulating the fragrances to better suit the creaminess of the blend, a wick with the best burning quality, all to give you a unique olfactory experience.

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