Room Spray 150 ml - Salimbeni Ancient Wood + Room Spray 150 ml - Orange Flower as a FREE TRIAL

€20,00 €40,00

Take advantage of our Month Offers. Make an exclusive gift to someone you love by purchasing a Room Spray 150 ml - Salimbeni Ancient Wood and you will receive a Room Spray 150 ml- Orange Flower for free.

For an intense and time-limited use, Salimbeni perfumes where and when you want them. Our sprays use the right amount of fragrance to ensure optimal diffusion. They do not contain dyes. All Salimbeni perfumes are created and processed entirely in Italy.

Orange Flower:
The fresh and stimulating notes of Bergamot, Yuzu, and Lemon are shaped by the aromatic notes of Myrtle that gently spreads in the flowery heart where Orange Blossom, Lavender, Orange Blossom, and Neroli, blossom in unison in a true and own olfactory triumph. The delicate and elegant notes of Amber and Ambretta are the gloss to the fragrance that flares up in all its intense Sicilian character.

USE: suitable for all environments where an immediate scenting effect is required. Spray several times if it is necessary for a more intense effect. Do not use it on fabrics, furniture, or objects

Inside the package you will find:
- 1 Room Spray 150 ml - Salimbeni Ancient Wood
1 Room Spray 150 ml - Orange Flower as a FREE TRIAL

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