250 ml Salimbeni Ancient Wood refill diffuser + 1 100 ml Riviera Flowers

€29,00 €57,00

Take advantage of our Month Offers. Make an exclusive gift to someone you love by purchasing a 250 ml Salimbeni Ancient Wood refill diffuser and you will receive a 100 ml Riviera Flowers stick diffuser for free.

A refined gift of high quality, and an intelligent product: without electricity or combustion, it spreads the fragrance in the room for months. Salimbeni perfumes use the right amount of fragrance that allows optimal diffusion. They do not contain dyes and the diffuser sticks are natural. All Salimbeni perfumes are created and processed entirely in Italy.

Riviera Flowers: The perfumes of the Italian Riviera, enclosed in an olfactory journey to discover emotions and suggestions typical of our territory. The sea breeze, the sound of the waves breaking on the rocks, the warm sunlight at sunset and many, many scents. The fruity, fresh and pleasant top notes of Blackcurrant, then in the heart bursts forth the flower that encapsulates the essence of the Italian coastline: the Pythosophorus. Cedarwood dominates the base notes, with its unmistakable and intoxicating aroma.

USE:  suitable for small environments such as desks, bathrooms.
DURATION:  from 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the temperature and humidity conditions.

Inside the package you will find:
- 1 250ml Salimbeni Ancient Wood refill diffuser
- 1 100 ml Riviera Flowers stick diffuser FOR FREE

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