Nº 49 - The first five good manners of the perfume world

Choose your perfume carefully

Each skin type is recommended a certain type of perfume, depending on how it reacts when it comes into contact with the fragrance: so don't choose it according to fashion or trends, but according to what really represents you!

Put it in the right places!

They say to spray the perfume in the places where you feel your heart beating; yes to your wrists and neck, so that the heat of the beat can diffuse the fragrance better.

Don't rub your wrists

Although the wrist is one of the best places to receive your favourite perfume, it would also be advisable not to rub them together after spraying; this would break the molecules of the perfume and alter its perception by breaking the balance of its formula.

Use it sparingly

Perfume is indeed an accessory that can help make us recognisable, but it would be a good idea not to overdo it and spray it soberly and discreetly, ensuring that only those close to us can appreciate it.

Perfume your clothes

If you want to make sure you always leave a discreet but precious trail of your favourite perfume, perfume your clothes!

Written by Adele

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