Nº 38 - Three curiosities about the Perfume World

Do you know what the first perfume was?

We don't know exactly what the first perfume was, but we do know the world's first chemist and perfume creator: Tapputi Belatekallim.

She was born in Mesopotamia in Babylon around 1200 BC; the story goes that it was she who developed and recorded certain methods for the extraction of perfumes, laying the foundation for the entire art of perfume creation today

Did you know that perfume can be an aphrodisiac?

It is said that Cleopatra knew the properties of jasmine perfume and used them to seduce Mark Anthony; in fact, there are perfumes with ingredients known to have aphrodisiac qualities such as jasmine, ylang-ylang, vanilla or ginger and whose scent can provoke immediate attraction and intuitive sensual responses!

Did you know that perfume changes throughout the day?

The scent of perfume often changes during the day, and this is due to the top, middle and base notes of the perfume; when a fragrance is applied, the pH of the skin and the raw materials used, cause the perfume to change over time.

The top notes are subtle and generally do not last long, lasting an hour at most; the heart notes last longer than the top notes, approximately one to six hours.

Base notes, on the other hand, last much longer, even up to 24 hours.

Written by Adele

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