Autumn, for many, is a season that is in some ways sad. After the glitter of the summer months, full of colours and fragrant emotions, September seems to bring with it a vague melancholy; and so a branch that dries up, a leaf that swings before detaching itself are capable of transporting us not only into a new month but into a new smoky, foggy and indefinite atmosphere.

And yet, even in a season that may struggle to bring smiles, we can take time and find our happiness in everything that is changing around us: let us invent our reason to be grateful to live, especially when it begins to change its scents.

And let us marvel at how a walk through a forest tinged with orange, at the end of September, can be the perfect opportunity to store new scents, enjoy them, and make them our own, in a riot of grapes and musk, raspberries and black pepper, vanilla and cloves.

Written by Adele

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