Salimbeni Profumi EU

150€ Gift Card

Give Salimbeni to someone you love.
This year, offering Salimbeni Profumi as a gift will be even easier and more original.
How does it work? Add the gift card to your shopping cart. Once you have completed payment, you will receive, besides the order confirmation e-mail, an e-mail with your gift card: you can send it to the person you have in mind or print it, put it into an envelope and give it directly to that person!
How to use your gift card: In the e-mail you will find a code valid only on This code should be entered in the 'discount code or gift card' box in the checkout, at the time of payment. The voucher amount will automatically be deducted from the order total! If not enterely redeemed, the gift card may be reused at a later time for the outstanding amount.

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