Bitter Citrus Fruits 100 ml + Scented Wardrobe Cards (3 pc.) in TRIAL OFFER

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Take advantage of our Trial Offer now. Give an exclusive gift to someone you love. When you buy a 100 ml Bitter Citrus Fruits Stick Diffuser you will receive our new Scented Wardrobe Cards - Linen in Spring as a free trial.

With the new Salimbeni Profumi perfumed cards, you can give your fabrics the freshness of new laundry and the refinement of the laundry service of the best luxury hotels. The traditional know-how in the production of fragrances is combined with innovative technology. The scented cards gradually release the fragrance into your wardrobe, offering a delicate sense of freshness and cleanliness to your clothes.

USE: Use the ribbon provided to hang them up or place them directly in drawers or suitcases.
DURATION: In drawers they last from 5 to 8 weeks, hanging in wardrobes they last from 3 to 5 weeks.

Linen in Spring

The composition opens with the fresh and lively notes of Orange and Bergamot. The heart is a wonderful floral bouquet of Rose, Magnolia, White Flowers and Iris. At the base, sweet vanilla and warm woods intertwine with white musk for softness and fluffiness. An enchanting fragrance capable of bewitching the senses and leaving a radiant trail of perfume.

Package Contents:
- 1 100 ml Bitter Citrus Fruits Sticks Diffuser
- 1 FREE pack of Scented Wardrobe Cards (3pcs) in TRIAL OFFER

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