Salimbeni Profumi EU

Gift pack: Three 100ml Home Fragrances (MIXED FRAGRANCE OF YOUR CHOICE)


Treat someone special to the Salimbeni Profumi collection of luxury Premium Packs. Pick the perfect ones for your loved ones and spoil them with our scents.

To wrap your gift you will receive:

- 3 100 ml Stick Diffuser (mixed scents of your choice)
- a box covered with Fedrigoni handmade paper
- three Salimbeni Profumi tissues paper to envelop the products
- our branded fabric ribbon

100 ml Stick Diffuser: a refined and high-quality product: without electricity or combustion, it releases the right amount of fragrance, ensuring excellent diffusion in a small-sized room for approximately 4-8 weeks, depending on temperature and humidity conditions.

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