Orange Flower 100 ml + White Car Perfume - Silk and White Musk

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Take advantage of our Trial Offer of the Month! By purchasing the 100 ml Orange Flower Stick Diffuser you will receive a White Car Perfume - Silk and White Musk as a free trial.

Scent your car with Salimbeni perfumes! The traditional savoir faire of Salimbeni Profumi Masters perfumers meets an innovative technology, resulting in an original, luxury and covered by a European Patent Car PerfumeOur Car Perfumes do not use liquids or gels that have a limited duration and could stain the dashboard of your car. The designer Michele Venisti has conceived a unique, elegant, and distinctive car air freshener, which is well suited, in the various versions, to the different car interiors. Clip the car perfume onto the air vents to diffuse your favourite fragrance throughout your car for about a month. The car perfume is wrapped in an elegant packaging, which makes it suitable also as a gift idea.

USE: clip the car perfume onto your car vent and let the airflow activate the scent.
DURATION: the Salimbeni car air freshener lasts about a month and can be reused with any of our car perfume refills.
REFILL: refills do not contain liquids or gels and can be easily replaced with any of our car perfume refills

Silk and White Musk: instantly evoke a feeling  of freshness and lightness. The notes of Ginger, Cinnamon, and Plum shape the fragrance creating a gentle blend of petals of Magnolia, Camellia, and Peach blossom. The bright and shimmering notes of White Musk spread into the basis and pervade the whole fragrance.


Inside the package you will find:
- a 100 ml Orange Flower Stick Diffuser 
- a White car Perfume - Silk and White Musk AS A FREE TRIAL

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