Salimbeni Ancient Wood 100 ml + Stick Diffuser 100 ml of your choice AS A FREE TRIAL

€29,00 €58,00


Take advantage of our Trial Offer of the Month! By purchasing the 100 ml Salimbeni Ancient Wood Stick Diffuser, you will receive another 100 ml Stick Diffuser of your choice as a free trial! 

Salimbeni Ancient Wood: neroli and juicy fruity notes flare-up in the floral heart of jasmine, lemon blossom, and petit grain. The fragrance is composed of the accords of sumptuous Precious Woods emphasised by sensual Amber accents and oriental Vanilla scents.

100 ml Stick Diffuser: a refined high quality gift and a smart product: without electricity or combustion, it spreads the fragrance in the room for months. Salimbeni stick diffusers use the right amount of fragrance to allow optimal diffusion. They do not contain dyes and the sticks are organic. All Salimbeni perfumes are created and made entirely in Italy.

USE: suitable for small environments such as desks and bathrooms.
DURATION:  from 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the temperature and humidity conditions.

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