Salimbeni Profumi EU

Scented Candle - Amber Enchantment


Scented CandlesAn enchanted journey into the oriental universe of wonders. A bouquet of precious, amber essences in a warm, shimmering palette of colours. A sophisticated fragrance of timeless, genderless elegance that fully expresses the excellence in the art of perfumery of House Salimbeni.

Our Masters have refined a magical blend of waxes and vegetable oils, reformulating the fragrances to best suit the creaminess of the blend and choosing a wick with the best burning quality. All to offer you a fantastic olfactory experience. The creamy wax maximises the diffusion of Salimbeni fragrances.

Banish stress, improve your mood, light up the magic with the new Salimbeni Scented Candles.

Amber Enchantment: warm notes and refined oriental scents open with a harmonious blend of fruity and lively accords of bergamot and neroli. In the heart of the fragrance, a unique and radiant floral essence blooms, offering softness and elegance. The composition exudes an irresistible charm through the captivating combination of amber, patchouli, and vetiver, creating an intoxicating and overwelming olfactory trail.

DURATION: the Salimbeni scented candle weighs about 190 gr and has a burn time of about 35 hours.


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