Salimbeni Profumi EU

Spices of Byzantium 250 ml


An extraordinary expedition through the realm of luxury and prestige of Middle East. An intricate tapestry of refined and spicy notes, each revealing a myriad of nuances. A noble fragrance of timeless, genderless elegance that fully expresses the excellence in the art of perfumery of House Salimbeni.

Spices of Byzantium: exquisite and unique woody scents flare up luxuriously, evoking a sublime and captivating atmosphere. The harmonic blend of cypress, elemi, spicy resins, and precious woods harmonise with an array of incense aromas, igniting intense and passionate emotions. A fusion of warm notes and spicy scents intertwines, promising an unrivalled experience of deep sensuality.

250 ml Stick Diffuser: a refined high quality gift and a smart product: without electricity or combustion, it spreads the fragrance in the room for months. Salimbeni stick diffusers use the right amount of fragrance to allow optimal diffusion. They do not contain dyes and the sticks are organic. All Salimbeni perfumes are created and made entirely in Italy.

USE: suitable for medium-sized rooms such as living rooms or bedrooms.
DURATION: from 2 to 3 months, depending on the temperature and humidity conditions.




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