Salimbeni Profumi EU

Travel kit 45 ml: 3 Travel-sized Perfume - Spices of Byzantium


An extraordinary expedition through the realm of luxury and prestige of Middle East. An intricate tapestry of refined and spicy notes, each revealing a myriad of nuances. A noble fragrance of timeless, genderless elegance that fully expresses the excellence in the art of perfumery of House Salimbeni.

Spices of Byzantium: exquisite and unique woody scents flare up luxuriously, evoking a sublime and captivating atmosphere. The harmonic blend of cypress, elemi, spicy resins, and precious woods harmonise with an array of incense aromas, igniting intense and passionate emotions. A fusion of warm notes and spicy scents intertwines, promising an unrivalled experience of deep sensuality.

Use and duration: the 15 ml Eau de Parfum is suitable as a travel-sized or handbag perfume and it lasts for over a month if daily used.

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