Have you already chosen your favourite scent, the one that can convey exactly the mood you want for this time of year?

And now your greatest wish is that the essence never runs out. So here are a few little tricks to make your diffuser last as long as possible!

First of all, choose the size so that it is proportional to the space in which it will be placed;

Indeed, a bottle that is too small in a space that is too large will disappear and fail to cover the entire perfume space, and similarly, a bottle that is too large in a space that is too small will be aesthetically stripped and release too much perfume.

As a guide, the 100ml size is perfect for spaces of 10 to 20 square metres, the 250ml size for 20 to 30 square metres, and the 1L size is recommended for spaces up to 50 square metres.

If the room is very large, we recommend two diffusers on opposite sides of the room.

Choose the most appropriate position for the diffuser! Our advice is to place it in a central area of the room such as a table or cupboard, a place where the continuous opening of doors and windows throughout the day, and the passage of people, can move the air and help spread the fragrance.

Avoid areas that are too hot! The essence will evaporate faster.

Turn the sticks at least 3-4 times a week. Constantly turning the sticks upside down keeps the part of the sticks that remains out of the moist liquid; the essence-soaked stick thus reactivates the process of spreading the fragrance in the room. However, it is advisable to change the sticks when changing the fragrance.

Keep the liquid level high at all times!

Too little liquid does not allow the sticks to soak up enough to diffuse the fragrance in the room, causing more consumption and less diffusion of the aroma in the room!

Written by Adele

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