There are countless decorations that are used to make our homes perfect for the festive season, but some are essential to create the Christmas atmosphere, such as candles; they are lit for their symbolic value and their ability to make the atmosphere unique, cosy and intimate.

In short, they are perfect for making Christmas truly magical. Candles are beautiful in every way, but today I want to give you some little tips on how to display them so you can create even more atmosphere!

For example, they can be placed in designer candle holders or incorporated into your own compositions, perhaps even with recycled objects. You can make fir branches and intersperse them with candles, or make moss boxes and place one or two of your favourite candles inside!

You can use wooden blocks to place the candles with berry or eucalyptus branches around them, or place them on wooden discs or round cutting board, at the base of which you can place some Christmas tree baubles!

The ideas are endless, and how do you like to arrange candles during the festive season?

Written by Adele

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