Have you ever thought about which perfume reminds you most of this festive season?

Today we would like to take you through a brief history of how scents are able to bring back joyful moments of family celebrations. It is impossible not to have been won over at least once by the smell of cinnamon! Cinnamon is an evergreen tree and there are several varieties; it is found in powder form, in dry cylinders and has a history stretching back thousands of years; it originated in Sri Lanka and reached Europe during the Middle Ages.

At Christmas, its perfume invades our homes thanks to the perfect combinations of perfumes that are typical of the winter season!

Another typical Christmas scent is clove; they are made from the dried flower buds of the eugenia caryophyllata, an evergreen tree native to Indonesia, and nowadays cultivated mainly in South Africa, Sri Lanka and South America.

They have a distinctly aromatic, warm and pungent fragrance. But did you know that what gives them their aroma is eugenol, a component they are rich in?

Star anise is the most Christmas-shaped spice: an eight-pointed woody star containing precious brown oily seeds. It is a fruit and originated in Asia. Its aroma is reminiscent of liquorice and decidedly pungent.

But perhaps the ultimate Christmas scent is vanilla. Did you know that vanilla is a variety of orchids? It originated in Mexico and conquered Europe, starting in France, for its scent. There are different varieties of vanilla, such as Bourbon vanilla and Tahitian vanilla.

Can you think of other perfumes that are perfect for this time of year?

Written by Adele

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