December started some days ago, and with it Christmas is upon us: lights, decorations, pine trees and Christmas carols surround us for a few weeks; Christmas symbols such as holly, gilbur, firs, wreaths and bells start to be in every corner.

Symbols of tradition, details that bring to mind scents and memories of family celebrations; but what about you, are you lovers of tradition or do you always prefer to look for something new?

In fact, some people like the classic Christmas tree with its beloved decorations and beautiful lights, while others decide to experiment with new shapes and materials that recall the symbols of this holiday, using natural materials such as branches, berries or moss.

Whatever their thoughts, the one thing that brings everyone together is the desire to celebrate.

But beyond symbols and traditions, what can immediately bring us back to Christmas?

The natural fragrances of the festive season, of course!

Surely you have been connected with a smell, a smell that you associate with a particular event; the freshly baked biscuits, the smell of the freshly made pine garland that still smells of resin, the carnations on the oranges. So what do you say to play along with us, wondering what is the first smell that comes to your mind when you think of Christmas?

Written by Adele

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