We all use, on a daily or almost daily basis, a perfume for the body; but do you know which professions in the perfumery industry, apart from the nose that we have already talked about?

The main steps in the birth of perfume are the conception, the creation, the evaluation of consumer tests, the creation of the brand, the marketing and communication study, and the distribution that goes all the way to retail. But which professions are essential to these processes?

A priori, there is the assistant perfumer, the nose helper, who is replaced when the whole process is industrialised by the laboratory manager, perfume preparer and laboratory assistant. In recent years, a new profession has also become popular, the researcher of raw materials, whether natural or the fruit of technology.

Very importantly, in the passage from the idea to the creation of a fragrance, the responsible person is the marketing department, with figures linked to research and product development, market testing and public relations.

Finally, when it comes to the distribution and sale of fragrances, figures such as beauty and perfume consultants, sales agents and managers, shop managers and sales consultants are needed.

Written by Adele

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