A perfume creator is called a nose and is nothing more than an alchemist with a lot of creativity who manages to compose fragrances by combining olfactory notes in harmony with each other.

This is a profession that originated in the 17th century in France when the world of perfume as we know it today began to develop. From then until today, the nose profession has evolved thanks to the industry, but always trying to maintain a character of craftsmanship and uniqueness that can only be acquired through family traditions, or by studying with an experienced perfume creator.

So, if on the one hand talent is fundamental, on the other hand, much training is needed to recognise and keep in mind natural and artificial scents and fragrances, and how these can be combined. Initially, it will be essential to study raw materials in different circumstances to understand how that aroma can change at different times of the day or in different weather conditions. It is also useful to associate these aromas with childhood memories, and to practice describing them.

But what is the path to becoming a nose?

There is a real Academy of Perfume, created around 1990, which provides, as a complete path, at least 7 years of study and training, combining skills with an artistic sensibility. A period of training abroad will also be very important, especially in Grasse, France, the home of perfume, and in other countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, or the Middle East to broaden horizons in terms of olfactory baggage.

Written by Adele

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