Every season, in one way or another, can be the perfect opportunity to light a candle: the short days of autumn are a fantastic setting, as are the afternoons before Christmas. How about an evening in spring, when the light gets longer, or a summer's evening?

Candles can offer shelter and make us feel at home, but they also allow us to travel through the scent and aroma of an environment at its best.

So today I want to share with you some secrets so that you can give your best!

Always cut the wick so that it is not too long! The ideal size is about 2 millimetres, so that the glass inside the candle doesn't darken and the flame can last longer.

Is your candle not new and has become dusty from being left open on your favourite piece of furniture? No problem! Quickly run it under water to get rid of any sweat, or soak it directly for a few minutes; then dry it with a cotton cloth!

Place your candle in the fridge for an hour before lighting it; this will remove moisture, extend its shelf life and make its fragrance more persistent.

Place a pinch of salt on the surface of the candle, right next to the wick, to make it last much longer!

Do you have any other little tricks? Share them with us!

Written by Adele

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