We have talked a lot about room fragrances. Now we want to focus on personal fragrances: they characterise us, make us recognisable even when we are far away, and feel safe behind a scented shell

But according to what criteria do we choose what will become our perfume?

Certainly, before we start looking, it is useful to start by knowing what kind of persistence we want; thus, we prefer a Eua cologne for a fresh and decisive touch that lasts a few hours, a Eua toilette, for a scent that lasts longer or a Eua parfum if we want to be accompanied throughout the day.

It is also interesting to ask ourselves, before moving on to the olfactory test, which notes we prefer and would therefore like to associate with our image: if we are sporty and energetic, citrus touches will certainly be perfect with their freshness, while if we are very feminine, we could opt for floral notes with a classic scent; if we have a strong character, we could prefer woody notes for a guaranteed lingering effect, and if we are looking for an oriental influence we could try warmer and more sensual fragrances.

If we want to stand out completely, leather fragrances are exactly what we need.

Now that you have chosen the perfect fragrance for you, can I give you some advice? Spritz the perfume on your nude skin after washing - you'll be surprised how long the scent stays with you.

Written by Adele

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