You chose your favourite fragrance; you loved the blue glass bottle, spun the sticks over time to be intoxicated by its scent, and moved it from corner to corner so that the whole house could be invaded by it.

And now that it's gone, there's one way to never part with it: how? By giving the glass bottle a new life!

You can reuse it and turn it into fantastic ornaments for the home: there is nothing nicer than transporting something you loved into a new object, even more so if you do it yourself.

To transform perfume bottles into ornaments, you just need to let your imagination fly! Here are some ideas to recycle them and give them a new lease of life as a decorative object.

Flower vase

One of the simplest ideas is to turn your perfume bottle into a beautiful vase; remove the sticks, wash the bottle with water until completely clean. Choose your favourite flowers and place them inside, and if you want them to stay with you for as long as possible, why not choose a beautiful bunch of dried flowers?


You can turn your perfume bottle into a terrarium: if you are a beginner, you can use artificial flowers to avoid having to look after it too much, while if you are an expert, you can have fun choosing sand, stones and succulents.


Don't want to completely disfigure your jar? Then here are some ideas to turn it into a beautiful ornament!

You can paint the outside of the jar to create scenes that will make you fall in love with it, or add effects, pearls or glitter to the inside for a sparkly look. You can use a hot glue gun to decorate the outside, adding stones, beads or natural elements.

Again, you can have fun with ribbons and strings in your favourite colours! They will look just as beautiful on the inside as a interlaced, as they do on the outside.

And you, do you have any other ideas on how to recycle your favourite bedroom perfume bottle?

Written by Adele

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