As you know, each perfume has its own meaning and symbolism based on the type of notes that make it up.

If you want to give a perfume as a gift, then I suggest you choose it according to the message you want the gift to carry.

You may decide that the message is linked to the person who is to receive it, to an aspect of their character, or to a feeling: very often, in fact, perfume can take on a particular meaning.

A perfume is a gift that is always a pleasure, especially if it also conveys a precise symbolism. When the perfumer creates a fragrance, he already has its specific meaning in mind; in turn, the perfume then takes on personal symbols according to the person wearing it.

Strong notes, thanks to their persistence and intensity, are often preferred by men; but whatever the gender of the person who chooses it, this is a perfume designed for resolute and determined people.

If, on the other hand, the person you want to give a perfume to has a cheerful and sparkling character, my advice is to choose a fragrance with fresh and fruity notes, perfect for elegant but at the same time young and sparkling people.

Floral fragrances are the perfect gift for free spirits and adventurers who want to be noticed, leaving a subtle yet overwhelming trail; these fragrances are among the most noble, conveying a sense of peace and serenity.

Once again, the citrus notes are perfect for cheerful and optimistic personalities, who convey energy and positivity.

Written by Adele

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