Let the perfume follow a certain seasonality: we choose it and let it take the best emotion that can give us; it is the scents that guide the seasons.

How many days have we spent on a beach, lulled by the sound of the waves, letting our bodies warm up under the sun's beams?

How many moments spent walking in the mountains in the shade of a tree, lulled by the sound of branches in the wind?

Whatever the destination, whatever the purpose of our trip, in summer lightness and energy reign supreme. And to celebrate them in the best possible way, the perfect notes are fresh, citrus and herbaceous, or even aquatic; so let's go for all those scents you can imagine picking up on a walk along the coast, on a path in the hills: juniper, bergamot, or peach: what perfume would you choose on hot summer days?

Autumn is warm, sometimes melancholic, a constant stimulus for new smells with no end to search for; after a season spent outdoors intoxicating us every second, with the arrival of September the sun seems less and less warm, and we prepare to welcome the first cold: we open ourselves to new emotions.

So, as if we were walking around in our favourite sweatshirt, we set off in search of new olfactory stimuli, capable of making us feel protected and involved: a riot of grapes and mosses, raspberries or black pepper, vanilla or cloves.

In winter the sense of protection reaches its peak; the warmth of our home, the rest, the holiday time spent with those we love becomes strong, and the best notes to crown these moments are heavy and explosive, intense and capable of awakening the perception.

Sandalwood and cinnamon, patchouli and orange flower are perfect, as are vetiver and leather to make us feel immensely happy.

Writen by Adele

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