In summer there is this wonderful thing that wherever you turn, you can find wonder or, at best, create it.

Just take a stroll to find yourself now facing a wall of bougainvillea, with its tacit smell of a delicate, ephemeral, sometimes thorny flower, and now a plumbago that hides its essence in its lightness.

Olive scent, marine essence.

And suddenly a walk by the sea becomes an excuse to gather scentful sensations of summer: a wave that gives splashes and the taste of salt, the sand that rises slightly and brings warmth, the fragrance of August.

Again, the field and the corn cob, a fig tree halfway up; smells that become subtle and penetrate under the skin, the smell of warm afternoons and imperceptible breezes.

A sunset in the mountains, where it seems to be closer to the sun, with the sweet scent of nature preparing for the end of the season.

Summer is a beautiful thing: just imagine a perfume and the whole world seems ready to give it to us.

Writen by Adele

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