Months later, our brain remembers a smell better than an image, and a good smell can change our mood, improving it.

So what could be nicer than being greeted by a fragrance that represents us, a unique blend of ingredients, a bouquet of scents that is deeply ours?

And suddenly a room diffuser becomes a powerful tool to show everyone your sensibility, your character, your tastes.

There is no single criterion for choosing the ideal fragrance: you can choose to have the same scent spread throughout all the rooms as the signature of your home, or prefer each room to have its own; the important thing is that the fragrance is not too intrusive, but rather that it becomes a pleasant and discreet background.

What do you think? If you prefer to differentiate the fragrance according to the mood, here are some general rules.

In the sleeping area, we recommend choosing fragrances with calming properties, with powdery and delicate scents that remain almost hidden, such as melissa, lavender or chamomile.

The kitchen is the place for which fragrances are least often chosen; but if you want to, you can opt for one with citrus and spicy notes or a fresh, clean scent like basil, thyme, pepper or mint.

In the living room, we recommend floral, oriental or spicy essences: enveloping scents that know how to create the right atmosphere.

And in the bathroom? Green light to marine notes, to feel immediately swallowed by the waves, and for the feeling of cleanliness, notes like talc, musk or white flowers.

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Zelo lepo nam udišavlja stanovanje

Boštjan October 27, 2021

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