Autumn has officially arrived, and even if it had given a few warnings before, it is only now that it has managed to release all its essence made of dry leaves turning red, days getting shorter and warm blankets enveloping us while we drink herbal tea.

And so, just as the air that caresses us during a walk has changed, veering towards a new season, so too the air in our new home needs to veer towards typically autumnal olfactory facets. We privilege warmer and enveloping fragrances, capable of making us feel welcome as soon as we open the door of the house; soft woody notes and sensual musky notes are the perfect choices to recreate a wonderful November atmosphere.

Let's enhance the warmth of the room and, as we wait for the sweet notes of Christmas, let's rely on hints of berries, raspberries and blueberries, or light a candle that gives us a bouquet of aromatic herbs for relaxing afternoons, or citrus notes for a burst of energy.

And for you, what is the perfect note for this season?

Written by Adele

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