The creepiest party of the year is coming, monstrous figures are pouring into the streets, the nights are getting long and mysterious and the darkest smells are accompanying the witches' night: let's find out together which are the best notes for a scary Halloween!

The Halloween festival has its origins in the ancient Samhain, a Celtic New Year's Eve that was celebrated on 31 October separating the summer and winter periods, where if the orange of the fields was the symbol of the ending summer, the black was that of the darkness of winter. The Celts, centuries ago, on the night of Samhain would leave food on the table as a tribute to the dead to prevent them, along with fairies and elves, from playing tricks on them: hence the tradition of "trick or treat?".

But what are the perfect notes to accompany us on this terrifying night?

Woody and citrus notes form sensual, hypnotic and seductive fragrances, incense and oud create bewitching and intense olfactory melodies, and vanilla abandons its sweetness to become pure and bewitch with its intriguing scent.

Writen by Adele

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