Nº 20 – At the height of winter with Ancient Wood

The festivities are now a memory, and next month spring will begin to take centre stage in our thoughts; February is the beating heart of winter, made of cold days, colours, flavours, special emotions.

Valentine's Day arrives, and every evening stretches out for a celebration of feelings.

To celebrate this season, we want to talk about the fragrance that reminds us most of these days: Salimbeni Ancient Wood; in this fragrance, Neroli and juicy Fruit Notes burst into the green-floral heart of Jasmine, Lemon Flower and Petitgrain.

The fragrance is built on the sumptuous accords of precious woods enhanced by persuasive amber accents and oriental vanilla scents.

Let's look at the olfactory pyramid: the top notes are fruity notes, in particular, neroli; the heart notes feature jasmine, lemon flower and petitgrain, while the base notes are precious woods, sandalwood, ambroxan, bean, tonka and vanilla.

And what perfume comes to mind when you think of winter?

Written by Adele

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