Nº 22 - Give a candle, give light

Candles have a rich symbolic meaning: they represent the four elements of nature, symbolise the connection between matter and spirit and have an evocative charm capable of recreating intimate and poetic atmospheres.

With its simplicity and delicacy, a candle gives light, warmth and charm to the environment in which it is placed. In the winter season, when there are more occasions to spend time with the people we love, light candles are the extra touch to decorate our home and spread their pleasant fragrance.

Thus, giving a candle takes on the meaning of wishing light, hope and warmth in the life of the recipient. A candle is a gift full of meaning.

Besides representing a wish for light, hope and warmth in the life of the recipient, it is also capable of igniting emotions and memories with its fragrances.

Giving it as a gift means giving an emotion to be experienced, a memory to be made your own, a new journey to begin. If you have thought of a scented candle as a gift, your gesture will certainly be greatly appreciated.

And it will be even more appreciated if, when choosing, you have thought about the characteristics of the person to whom your gift will go.

To make a perfect choice, ask yourself what it can be used for; each fragrance can evoke different emotions.

If you want to create feelings of joy and happiness, you can choose citrus fragrances; if you want to create calm and serenity, think about herbal fragrances or woody blends.

If your giftee is going through a period of fatigue and would like to restore their energy, fresh and vigorous fragrances like rosemary or bergamot will be perfect. If you want to give a gift, a treat, there is nothing more appropriate than the sweetness of vanilla!

Now all you have to do is choose the perfect candle to give as a gift or for yourself!

Written by Adele

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