Nº 23 - The Perfume Conservation

As the aromatic and essential oils that make up a perfume can deteriorate if they are not treated with proper care, today let's find out how to store your perfume so that it stays perfect!

First of all, choose a place away from heat and direct light, especially if the bottle is transparent! If this is not possible, we recommend storing it in its box after each use.

Likewise, it would be best to store it in a cool place to avoid heat affecting its durability and smell. Humidity should also be avoided, and it is recommended that you only remove the cap from the bottle at the time of use to prevent oxidation.

And always remember not to shake the perfume before spraying!

Now that we have seen how to store it, how to apply it and how much?

As there are certain points on the body that radiate particular heat, spraying the perfume here allows you to enhance the olfactory notes; the neck, base of the ears, neckline, navel, wrists and elbows are perfect areas!

Only a spot spray is needed in these areas, as the heat will help you spread it better. Perfume can be sprayed on the hair, and remember that perfume fades faster when the skin is dry, so it would be best to moisturise the skin before applying it!

Written by Adele

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