Nº 25 - Bathroom and kitchen, the perfect angles for your stick diffuser

The place where we put our perfume is fundamental, and each environment has its own ideal space: are you curious to know what it is?

The bathroom:

The bathroom is one of the spaces in the house with the highest concentration of heat and odours, and for this reason, it is essential to find a fragrance that can release its scent persistently and constantly. The best place to place your stick diffuser is in the sink: first of all, the ceramic it is made of will ensure the necessary freshness so that the essence does not evaporate too quickly, and the fact that we see it often will remind us to turn the sticks more often!

The kitchen:

The kitchen is one of the spaces in the house that we live in the most, and this is where there is the greatest concentration of heat from ovens, gas and various appliances, and odours from all the food that is cooked. It is for this reason that we recommend not putting a diffuser in this room, as the smell would be covered anyway. Instead, after airing the room, spray your favourite spray which will ensure the correct diffusion of the essence without any waste

Written by Adele

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