Nº 26 - Living room and bedroom: tricks to emphasise your favourite scent

We continue our journey through the rooms of the house and, we will discover some tricks to make our diffusers give their maximum!

Living room:

The living room is the place that, par excellence, invites to welcome, share and receive; here we exchange laughter and special moments with our loved ones.

That's why the choice of the diffuser is so important in this environment, and our advice is to place it in the place you prefer without forgetting to turn the wooden sticks constantly. And, why not, emphasise your favourite fragrance with the spray, combined together, on the surface of the fabrics to render the perfume even more persistent.


In the living room, perfume should be the star, but in the bedroom, it is essential that it is delicate and not too persistent so that our sleep is not affected. This is why we recommend that you place your diffuser in a cupboard slightly away from the bed so that the whole room can be invaded by a light fragrance.

And remember not to turn the wands at night but in the morning: this will give the essence of time to become impalpable and precious.

Written by Adele

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