No. 27 - Room spray, where to spray it?

You've picked your favourite fragrance; you've got your diffuser in all shapes and sizes so that every corner of the house is filled with it, and you've managed to match the fragrance in your car so that the same notes can accompany you when you go out.

But there's one more trick you can use to enhance the smells that hit you: room spray! The spray is a valuable ally for an immediate and intense fragrance boost: what are the best ways to use it?

As we've seen, spraying it in the living room can help you make your guests feel welcome in a magical atmosphere, and did you know that if you spray it on the sleep room a few hours before going to bed, the notes will accompany you into a sweet sleep?

Used in the kitchen, where its scent would be covered by the odours of everyday use, it becomes a practical alternative to the stick diffuser.

You can spray it in potpourri for an olfactory boost that will leave you impressed, or in small bags to put in your drawers, so you'll be ecstatic every time you open them; or you can spray a small amount on the room that your leave your clean clothes so that when you put them in the wardrobe, they'll be filled with the fragrant notes.

The uses of room sprays are endless: which is your favourite?

Written by Adele

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