Nº 28 - Welcome, Spring!

This year, like every year, spring has arrived, and with it the first flowers, longer days and that inevitable smell of the changing season. Trees turn green, flowers blossom, the first blades of grass sprout, and even animals awaken from their hibernation like a heart that slowly starts beating again, enveloping all of nature.

Spring is characterised by a milder climate, by the awakening of the earth; the heavy coats and jumpers are put away, and with the sun becoming the protagonist, the desire to choose softer, livelier fragrances capable of giving a sense of rebirth increases.

It is then the perfect season to prefer a light, gentle fragrance that symbolises renewal: many people change their perfume according to the season and wear those reserved for each season, giving the others a break. Thus, those who wear Eau de Parfum in winter may opt for Eau de Toilette in spring, or change the olfactory pyramid completely, preferring floral or fresh and citrus fragrances.

And you, with the arrival of spring, what fragrance do you feel like wearing?

Written by Adele

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