Nº 29 - Perfume and the zodiac signs: from Aries to Leo

Did you know that a perfume corresponds to each sign of the zodiac? In fact, considering that horoscopes are often able to define our character, it is interesting to study their analogy with our instinctive choices.

Aries: People of this sign are often full of energy, passionate and sincere; for this reason, the most suitable fragrances are those with citrus and spicy notes.

Taurus: A Taurus person is a concrete person due to the influence of Venus, determined and affectionate; for this reason, the enveloping fragrances with floral notes are the best.

Gemini: people with a dual nature and a strong desire to be the centre of attention, but with a fragile soul that they tend to hide; for them a fresh and original fragrance is perfect, able to leave their mark with discretion.

Cancer: Emotional and often fickle people, but also concrete and determined; they need a fragrance that is remembered, that can stabilize mood swings and remind them of their strong connection with water.

Leo: Sovereign sign of the entire zodiac, which calls for a luxurious and haughty perfume, sensual and oriental with notes of vanilla, amber and patchouli.

Written by Adele

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