Nº 30 - Perfume and the signs of the zodiac: from Virgo to Pisces

Let's continue our journey to discover the perfect fragrance for each sign of the zodiac!

Virgo: meticulous and perfectionist people who are looking for a perfume capable of softening; so look for fresh and unforgettable fragrances with a cyprian base and a floral heart.

Libra: extremely balanced and independent people who should prefer sophisticated and intense fragrances that highlight their chic nature.

Scorpio: passionate, strong and irreverent people, always the centre of attention; for them, the perfume should be magnetic and sensual.

Sagittarius: sociable and optimistic individuals, self-ironic and idealistic; for them, the perfume should be a fragrance that does not take itself too seriously, able to make the wearer enjoy life.

Capricorn: stubborn, obstinate and combative people, they need a strong scent that can accompany them in the achievement of their goals.

Aquarius: elusive, free and generous people look for a perfume that is an absolute symbol of freedom, with marine and very fresh notes.

Pisces: the most creative people of the zodiac, sometimes capricious and often unpredictable; for them, a playful and dreamy perfume is needed, with floral notes and a hint of oriental.

Written by Adele

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