Nº 31 - Olfactive Emotion

Fragrances have a very powerful effect on our emotions: they remind us of moments from the past, reliving precious memories and sensations.

The smell is the sense that helps us the most, and it is thanks to it that impressions can penetrate the brain in an extremely vivid way. So each smell is associated with a feeling and a memory, all unconsciously, like the smell of coffee which takes us back to moments of relaxation, or the smell of sunscreen which immediately transports us to a holiday.

For every emotional need we may feel, there will always be a perfume ready to satisfy it. Some examples?

Lavender and chamomile notes have a calming effect and are perfect when you feel a desire for calm and tranquillity, while citrus notes are encouraging and will instantly lift your spirits.

Notes of sandalwood or patchouli are aphrodisiacs, while lemon, eucalyptus or rosemary are energising and perfect for increasing concentration.

If you want to relax, go for refreshing notes like pine, mint and thyme, and if you want to strengthen your immune system, notes like bergamot and lavender are perfect.

Written by Adele

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