Nº 34 - What makes a room fragrance persistent?

All room perfumes are not the same, but what makes one stick diffuser more persistent than another?

The difference between perfume sticks is the amount of essence in the solution and the quality of the wooden diffuser sticks.

Normally, the percentage of essence contained in a good perfume is around 10-12%. In perfumes available on the market, some can be found with much lower percentages, around 5%, and higher ones, around 20%.

A very low percentage is certainly indicative of a less intense fragrance, but one at 20% is not necessarily better than one at 12%.

Each individual fragrance actually has a different yield, and it may take a higher percentage of vanilla and a lower percentage of rose to have the same intensity.

The wood sticks serve to absorb the fragrance and gradually release it into the air; depending on their quality, they will be able to diffuse the essences more or less well into the environment.

Some sticks absorb the perfume and let it evaporate quickly, so the perfume will be very persistent once the sticks are turned but will soon lose its intensity in the room; when, on the other hand, the sticks keep the essence longer, the result will be a more gradual and lasting diffusion.

Written by Adele

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