Nº 35 - Why is one perfume more pleasant than another?

Behind a perfume, there is study, science, chemistry and a strong awareness of the world of smells.

To create one, it is not enough to combine olfactory notes that we like, but it is necessary to think carefully about the characteristics of each essence, both on its own and in combination with others.

A true art capable of giving rise to fragrances of a thousand nuances, intensities and sensations.

Influencing the pleasure of a perfume is largely the origin of the essences one chooses: there are natural and synthetic essences; none is better than the other, it all depends on the result one wants to achieve. If the desired result is that of a natural perfume, natural essences are to be preferred because reproducing them synthetically in their infinite facets is very difficult; and so we will be led to define a citrus fragrance better than another: with the one with natural essences, we will have the sensation of really smelling an orange, while choosing the synthetic ones, we will find ourselves perceiving a base note which will not convince us.

Synthetic fragrances, on the other hand, are fundamental to inventing new notes and recreating some that cannot be extracted in nature.

The pleasure of a fragrance will then depend on the relevance of the creator's choices starting from the idea he or she wants to realise.

Written by Adele

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