Nº 36 - How to make your own candle last longer

To create the right atmosphere, just place a few scented candles here and there in the house.

And it doesn't matter if some of them are dusty, or if you haven't used them for a long time: they don't expire, but they can go unused for too long, and should then be revitalised.

Simply put them underwater for a few seconds to remove all traces of dust, or even let them soak for a few minutes in a bowl; after washing, simply wipe them with a cloth, rubbing them gently on the surface.

And to prevent the glass container from blackening?

There are two ways around this problem: the first involves cutting the wick, which should be about 2 millimetres long; this way the glass will remain transparent and the flame will last longer.

The second is to light it for a few hours when first used so that the wax can adapt to the heat of the flame, and then extinguish it.

When the wax has solidified again, simply place the wick exactly in the centre of the candle: once lit, this will not cause any smoke that could blacken the walls of the jar.

Written by Adele

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