Nº 43 - Perfume and the Human Body

Perfume is perceived by the olfactory apparatus of man and animals in general and can function as a stimulus, conscious or unconscious, to experience memories, emotions, needs or requirements.

Smell is the most instinctive and spontaneous of all the senses: through it, our brain can, in a matter of milliseconds, label each smell according to the emotions it produces; this classification can also be influenced by our culture and upbringing, and it may happen that smells that we particularly loved when we were children no longer appeal to us, and vice versa.

When we talk about body language, we often think of gestures, posture or facial expressions; but in addition to these signals, each of us also makes strong use of our sense of smell, an important signal since time immemorial.

The same applies to perfume: it often happens that we recognise people who are dear to us by the perfume they normally wear and that when we smell it on another person, those notes make us think of them!

Written by Adele

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