Nº 44 - The Secret to the best perfume experience

Perceiving and recognising a certain smell is really hard work for our brain, which activates certain protective mechanisms to avoid not recognising them in the best way.

Precisely because of this, it happens that we stop perceiving the perfume we normally wear or the smell of the environment around us and when we test different perfumes one after the other, after a while, it seems to us that they are all the same.

In fact, it is enough to smell two or three different fragrances for the way our nose perceives each smell to change; it can therefore happen that a perfume we didn't like suddenly seems good, and vice versa: more persistent fragrances saturate the olfactory receptors, making them less efficient.

How then to awaken our nose? Some suggestions might be to breathe in the neutral smell of our skin, drink a glass of water, go outside and breathe clean air for a few minutes, or smell coffee: it seems that this helps to reset our olfactory perception, allowing us to once again distinguish each individual smell in the best possible way.

Written by Adele

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