Nº 45 - Fragrance and Wellbeing: The Aromacology

Aromachology is the science which studies the positive effects of essential oils on emotions, focusing on well-being.

Thanks to our sense of smell, all smells we come into contact with are registered in our olfactory memory; when we smell a particular aroma, the receptors in our brain are activated, bringing back lost sensations.

Thanks to aromacology, we can enjoy the beneficial effect of the smells we perceive in our mind: it is, therefore, essential to look for scents which can evoke feelings of well-being in us: room diffusers are an excellent ally in this, allowing us to make our home a place where we feel good, immediately noticing the effects on our mood and feelings.

Relaxing fragrances, such as orange and cinnamon, have beneficial effects on mood, and rose helps to aid sleep; enveloping fragrances are those that embrace us, fragrant and warm scents that promote serenity, such as amber, aromatic, woody or musky elements.

Essences that infuse energy, on the other hand, are characterised by natural elements that appear to be warmer, such as the citrus notes typical of our Mediterranean: lemon, tangerine and mint.

Written by Adele

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