Nº 46 - Olfactory Decoration: The Aromatherapy

There is a science, aromatherapy, which teaches us how notes can influence our sensations.

Home perfume, more than any other, speaks of our intimacy and must be chosen with the greatest care; within the walls of the home, in fact, olfactory harmony is a true sensory stimulus.

In the sleeping area, fragrances with calming properties should be favoured and in the kitchen, where smells are protagonists, citrus and spicy notes or fresh and clean ingredients with non-intrusive olfactory notes.

For living rooms, we recommend floral, oriental and spicy essences, all with enveloping scents that create the perfect atmosphere.

In the bathroom, it is best to diffuse marine notes, herbal scents or clean fragrances such as talc and musk.

Another idea is to match home fragrances to the seasons: for autumn-winter, you can choose intense notes like a woody or spicy bouquet and for spring-summer exotic flowers or fresh and elegant ones like jasmine.

Written by Adele

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